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Digital Marketing Courses in Pune with Placements

Learning Digital Marketing is an Opportunity to Explore your skills and unleash your creative side. There is always more to learn and that’s what we focus on. TIP is the Best Digital Marketing Courses in Pune, which provides 100% Job Assistance at affordable Fees, India’s No.1 Online and Classroom Digital Marketing Courses and Internship | Placement provider. You’ll get access to all new 50 Digital Marketing Course Modules and Tools. Before we dive in further, Let’s understand – 

What is Digital Marketing ? 

  • It is the Process to Promote the Products and Services with the help of Digital Media or Online Media. In Digital Marketing the basic principles of marketing remains the same. The only difference is that all these principles are executed through the internet. 
  • In Digital Marketing the communications and the connections are developed through different online platforms. 
  • Digital Marketing allows you to access your business anytime, anywhere through the internet.

Objectives of Digital Marketing Course

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Digital Marketing Opportunities in India for Job Aspirants:

If you have been looking to start your career in digital marketing in India or it could get a bit overwhelming in the beginning. But with the right information regarding the digital marketing opportunities in India, you will be able to understand the options that are available and choose the right one.

Digital Marketing Opportunities for Business Owners:

Start a digital marketing agency:

If you have experience in digital marketing and want to be your own boss, then starting your own digital marketing agency is a great option.

Content marketing consultant:

If you are good at creating content, then you can become a content marketing consultant and help businesses create effective content marketing strategies.

Social media consultant:

Another option is to become a social media consultant. This is a great option if you are good at managing social media accounts and want to help businesses grow their online presence.

PPC consultant:

Another option is to become a PPC consultant and help businesses create and manage effective pay-per-click campaigns.

Email marketing consultant:

Another option is to become an email marketing consultant and help businesses create and manage effective email marketing campaigns.

Freelance digital marketing consultant:

If you don’t want to start your own agency, then you can work as a freelance digital marketing consultant.

SEO consultant:

If you are good at SEO, then you can become an SEO consultant and help businesses improve their organic search rankings.

Be An Expert in Advanced Practical Digital Marketing Training in Pune with 50 Modules​

Whether you call digital marketing, internet advertising, or anything else, all refer to the marketing of your products and company with the use of the internet to search for potential customers. E-marketing, pay per click advertising are some of the standard digital marketing methods.


The process of building and maintaining the websites is termed website development. Through website development, you can make your website look great, work fast and perform well with the best user-defined experience. The field of website development is trendy these days.

The services mentioned earlier, i.e., domain and hosting, are essential for the website. Through domain, you are giving your website an address, and on the other hand, through hosting, you are providing space and resources to your website to ensure that your website is running well and smoothly.

The Google algorithms are the complex system of retrieving data from the search index and instant delivery for getting the best possible results in the query. In the previous years, Google updates only very few algorithms, but Google makes thousands of updates and changes every year in today’s generation.

Through google my business, you can manage your business appearance on google maps and searches. It’s a free tool that includes adding the business name, location, monitoring, replying to customer views, adding photos, to learning how people are getting attracted to your business.

The term search engine works through the crawling of hundreds of pages by using their web crawlers. The web crawlers are the search engine bots or spiders. It drives the web by downloading web pages and following links on the pages for discovering new available pages.

It is the practice of improving the quantity and quality of your website’s traffic through search engine results. Through SEO, you can expect better visibility of your web pages in the search results. Also, the more your website becomes SEO-friendly, the more chances there are of attracting customers.

It is referred to as the branch of SEO which mainly focuses on optimizing the website to get the local search results. Content, on-page optimization, and link building are the leading local intent SEO. If you are going right, you can expect many people to quickly get the information about your business.

It is the type of search optimization through which you can optimize your web pages to be shown in the voice searches. If you perform this for your website, you are optimizing the way people conduct verbal searches. Through this, people can reach the web page by reading it loudly on voice search.

It is the type of search optimization through which you can optimize your web pages to be shown in the voice searches. If you perform this for your website, you are optimizing the way people conduct verbal searches. Through this, people can reach the web page by reading it loudly on voice search.

SEO cannibalization refers to ranking various blog posts and articles in the same search query of Google. Because the topic may be very similar to each other or you have done the keyword optimization. But through this process, you are competing against your articles and blogs only.

This tool has been designed for helping marketers to discover any keywords and find their data for various keywords like search number, ad pricing, competition, and more. If you are new to the marketing community, you can start with a google keyword planner to kick off your marketing journey.

It’s an inspection of page execution previous to SEO. If you audit your website, you can quickly determine whether your web page has been optimized or not for achieving various traffic goals; if the page is not optimized, then how will it improve and increase the performance of your website.

It’s also referred to as SEO; it is the practice of optimizing web pages for improving website search engine ranking and increase traffic to the website. On-page optimization includes the optimization of headlines, HTML tags, and images.

This refers to all the gauges taken outside the website to improve the SEO ranking of the website. Through off-page SEO, your customers can get to know about the importance of your website.

The google search console is a type of web service through which web admins can check indexing status and optimize their website’s search ranking. Till 2015, the same service has been known as the Google webmaster, but since 2018, google has implied some changes and made it a search console.


The bing webmaster tool is a service that is part of the Microsoft bing search engine to allow webmasters to add the websites in the Bing index crawler for watching their site performance on bing and get more benefits.

A web analytics service to be offered by Google tracks and reports the traffic on the website, presently as a platform in Google marketing. Google analytics service was launched in November 2005.

It is the systematic process of improving the website visitors percentage for taking the desired action like filling out the form, becoming customers, or otherwise. It includes how users move to your website, what activities they require to be taken, and the goal left to be completed.

Social media optimization implicates discovering the subject that accomplishes well for the firm on social media outlets and reciting the process. You need to figure out which type of content your audience is looking for and where do you fit in the social media sphere and execute the strategy.

Graphics designing is defined as the art of planning and projecting ideas and experiences in a visual context. This field takes graphical and textual elements and implements them to multiple types of media. Through this field, the producer will connect to the customer.

A method of displaying advertisements or sponsor marketing messages on the popular social media platform to target the specific sub audience is social media marketing. Some examples of paid social media marketing are pay-per-click advertising, branded-generated content, and display ads.

It is the process of using an automated tool for improving social media presence with content curation and social media posts in advance. This process helps develop the planned content.

Like any other social media network, LinkedIn is also a social network that Microsoft owns. But it’s a professional networking site designed to help people for business connection sharing experience, resume, and finding jobs.

Quora is a website that is based on answering people’s questions. However, the content will be generated by the users, organized by people using the website.

Facebook and Instagram are the new trendsetters now. Learn about the details of marketing and their relative application to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Understand how these platforms can help in spreading the business over a large domain through this module and help in enhancing the productivity of the business to a height that you have been expecting.

YouTube ads today have gained enormous appreciation. It’s one of the best ways to let people know about your business and what you have to offer to them. This module introduces you to concepts and detailing of the YouTube ads and how you can use them as your marketing strategy for your business. YouTube being an inseparable part of the digital world, YouTube ads and marketing are a must-have module in Digital Marketing Course.

With the growing number of users of WhatsApp, the most effective and unique way to reach the potential customers for your marketing strategy is WhatsApp marketing. Often people are scared of scams speared through other digital sites. WhatsApp being connected to the phone number assures people of authenticity. This module will help you learn about the implementations of marketing strategy with WhatsApp.

When you directly introduce the customer with the exact thing that he is searching for he is most likely to become your customer. SMS marketing works on the same concept. Directly sending messages to the customer who is looking for your services will help you increase the conversion rates. This module will teach you how and when to reach your customer through SMS so that they can turn out to be your valuable customer.

Video ads are the best way to attract the all-around senses of the viewer and help them understand the usefulness of the product. But long ads can be a huge turn-off for the viewers. Many are found to leave the ad in between if it’s too long. This module will help you learn about the aspects you should include in your video along with its editing and posting on diverse platforms to earn better conversion rates.

E-mail marketing is one of the best ways to directly connect with your customers and let them know about the offers, new products, and the products they have been looking for. Marketing through email has numerous advantages that let you leap ahead in your business. Learn all the applications and benefits of Email Marketing in this Email Marketing module.

To maintain the bright side of your company is the most crucial task. A situation may arise that may create an adverse effect on your company. All you need to do is to monitor such actions and implement the desired changes that can help you retain the reputation of your online business. This module is all about learning such situations and the respective methods to tackle them creatively.

Turning the business online and operating through a website can be a bit hectic for the customers. With each time filling in the details while the shop can be a tiring ordeal. On the other hand, the introduction of a mobile application will be quite handy and susceptible to record the details aiding the customers considerably. This module will let you learn about the detailed formulation of the Mobile Application and how it can be beneficial for your growing business.

The number of direct app downloads is proportional to the app visibility on the app store. The app store visibility depends upon the search results and top charts positions. This visibility will help in increasing the organic downloads thereby benefiting the user. Learn all these concepts in detail with this module of app store optimization that helps you enhance your organic downloads.

Today many users prefer mobile to access various websites for a comfortable and handy experience. Mobile optimization helps you enhance this experience and allow the user to attain a secure and reliable website browsing experience. Digital marketing courses must include this facet and thus TIP has come up with a special module for mobile optimization.

Either you are working on a technical role in an enterprise or wish to lead your own business to a new height, Play Console can help you enhance your marketing strategy in both cases. This module will help you to learn the comprehensive details of the Google Play Console that will teach you to upload an app or game, create shortlisting and reach the audience through Google Play.

The form of digital marketing that helps you promote your website by increasing its visibility over the search results. Search Engine Marketing primarily uses paid advertising to attain the desired results. This module will allow you to learn the details about the search engines and the marketing strategy along with its respective implementation that will help you gain better visibility over the domain and thereby better conversion rate.

Suppose a viewer responded to your ad positively and turned out to be a valuable customer. Targeting such an audience, that can bring about a greater conversion rate to your business can bring immense profit as well. Implement the same strategies again to raise the conversion rate which will be taught in the Remarketing concept module.

Google is the largest and most widely used search engine all across the world. Any ad displayed over Google is more likely to have greater views and responses when compared to any other search engine. In this module of digital marketing, you will be able to enhance your prospects in the domain of Google ads ranging from Basics to advanced.

When you start your business by investing monetary assets all you look for is a way to enhance the returns on the investment. This module will teach you different methodological strategies to help enhance the return on investment for the business. Either you are a technical employee in a company or the owner of an industry, this module will provide you comprehensive teaching methods to empower the ROI.

Google AdSense can help you increase your visibility over the huge internet domain. If you are looking out for the methods that can help you enhance the productivity of your advertisements over Google, then this module is quite essential to comprehend. TIP teaches you the prospects of Google AdSense brilliantly with the help of this module.

An excellent way to earn a grand commission in the form of monetary assets is affiliate marketing. The idea of affiliate marketing is quite on-demand these days. Want to know what is affiliate marketing and how can you benefit from it? The module completely formulated with the concepts of affiliate marketing can help you through our amazing digital marketing course at Training Institute Pune. Broaden your prospects to grow with the help of affiliate marketing through this module. 

Content the written advertisement about your business and products that will help you attract customers. Content on the website gives a detailed idea about the products, their purpose, company, product benefits, etc. All these are the factors that people like to know about your products. This module will teach you how to approach your target audience with the help of content and how to be an excellent content writer.

If your customers are choosing your services, this means they are interested in the products and services you deliver. Engaging your customers through diverse yet valuable information that can eh ace their customer experience is what blogging is all about. While writing a blog you don’t want your reader to leave the content in the middle. Learn the tips and tricks of writing a perfect blog with the Blogging module of the Digital Marketing course at TIP.

In addition to your 9 to 5 job, you can work as a freelancer and earn a good sum of money with your technical and digital marketing skills. If you wish to start freelancing then this digital marketing course will offer you a chance to learn the details of freelancing with this module. Earn great opportunities to grow as an individual with the help of this module.

Promote your business and products as a brand with the help of Influencer marketing. Endorse your products over a larger domain with the help of influencer marketing strategies. This module of Digital marketing will help you understand each of these strategies that allow you to raise your brand awareness and spread the word about your products and services.

Start your online business and trading with the help of e-commerce marketing. Don’t know how to start? Don’t worry! Digital Marketing Course from Training Institute Pune has covered it in a module with the title E-commerce marketing. Learn the comprehensive methods to grow your business on an online platform with this module.

Execution is nothing without precise planning. If you are working in the digital realm, you need to strengthen your planning and carry out regular monitoring to ensure healthy results and respective implementations. This module will help you learn about your planning tricks and help you gain the most from your digital marketing strategies.

These two are the tests performed to check the results obtained by the implementation of the marketing strategy in recent time. From conversion rates to sales and revenue all the parameters can be measured with the most precise results that allow you to gain the desired results. The last yet most important module of the Digital Marketing course will allow you to learn all the intricate details of these tests and their use in your online business.

Soft skills are an attributes that determine how effectively we interact with others. It helps students with a strong conceptual and practical framework to build and manage the team. The soft skills training provide practical orientation to the students and help them in improving their skills in communication, team building, leadership, Presentation & in Business Communication too. This module also helps students in Interview, effective resume writing and dealing with placement consultants.

Tools of Digital Marketing Courses in Pune

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