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Best AngularJS Training Institute In Pune

Angular JS Advantages

Since it’s an open source framework, you can expect the number of errors or issues to be minimal. Two-way binding – Angular.js keeps the data and presentation layer in sync. Now you don’t need to write additional JavaScript code to keep the data in your HTML code and your data later in sync. Angular.js will automatically do this for you. You just need to specify which control is bound to which part of your model. Routing – Angular can take care of routing which means moving from one view to another. This is the key fundamental of single page applications; wherein you can move to different functionalities in your web application based on user interaction but still stay on the same page.

AngularJS Features

Precise has the accompanying key highlights which makes it one of the ground-breaking systems in the market.
MVC – The system is based on the acclaimed idea of MVC (Model-View-Controller). This is a plan design utilized in all cutting edge web applications. This example depends on parting the business rationale layer, the information layer, and introduction layer into discrete segments. The division into various areas is done with the goal that every one could be overseen all the more effectively.
Information Model Binding – You don’t have to compose uncommon code to tie information to the HTML controls. This should be possible by Angular by simply including a couple of pieces of code.
Composing less code – When completing DOM control a great deal of JavaScript was required to be composed to structure any application. Be that as it may, with Angular, you will be flabbergasted with the lesser measure of code you have to compose for DOM control.
Unit Testing prepared – The architects at Google created Angular as well as built up a testing structure called “Karma” which helps in planning unit tests for AngularJS applications.

Why Should You Take Up AngularJS Courses in Pune?

  • Time-saverThere are times, when a programmer has to split application into multiple Model-View-Controller (MVC) components – a software designing pattern used for developing web applications. Further, the programmer has to write code to put all these components together. But with AngularJS, one can easily string everything together automatically, saving ample time in writing another code for binding.
  • Meagre CodingAs mentioned above, AngularJS makes use of limited coding thus saving you from writing. Not just this, but AngularJS also offers data binding and make it extremely simple to write data models. With characteristics like these, it helps in automating the process of feeding the data in the view. Also, with directives separate from app code, it becomes extremely productive for a team to work alongside.
  • Quick StartAngularJS is extremely easy and handy. After adding attributes to your HTML, you can design an app with AngularJS in a jiffy.
  • Comprehensive SolutionIf you are looking for a swift solution in front-end development, then AngularJS is the key. Interestingly, AngularJS doesn’t make use of any framework or plugins but showcases an array of features like data binding, dependency, enterprise-level testing, etc.
  • Backing from GoogleAs AngularJS boasts a strong support from Google, thus giving a breather to the programmers with a strong base of code. Not just this, but it also offers complete support as it is the arduous product with joint effort of Google engineers Adam Abrons and Misko Hevery.
  • Immense PopularityAlong with popularity, AngularJS has a huge community wherein there is core development team working relentlessly. They not only help in making changes but also continuously improvise the open-source framework. Moreover, there are resources and books readily available, thus helping to stay ahead in trend.
  • Top-notch User ExperienceWith AngularJS the app can be turned into a visual treat. Additionally, you get access to components, prebuilt libraries and varied modules in the framework that help in escalating the development duration. With simplifying tasks, these elements also add to the visual bonus.
  • Attractive Pay PackageIn recent times, AngularJS developers have gained immense popularity thus taking home good salary packages. Thus, with characteristics like these, AngularJS courses in Pune are gaining momentum attracting more and more web developers.


  • Student and job seekers who are willing to build their career in development
  • Candidate needs a basic HTML knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript
  • Professional Java / .NET/ PHP Developers can attend AngularJS training.
  • Beneficial for hardcore front end developers

Key Features

Job Assistance

We provide 100% Job Assistance after completion of training program

Experienced Trainers

Learn from experienced digital marketing professional

Personalized Attention

Batches with limited seats so that we can give a personalized attention to each & every candidate during the training sessions.

Suitable Batches

Weekdays & Weekend batches as per your suitability.

Internship Programs

Conduct Internship Programs beneficial for fresher level candidate.

Live Projects

Live Projects in practical sessions.


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Topics Covered Under AngularJS Training in Pune

Angular 7 Basic Syllabus Training


  • Architecture Overview
  • Component Creation
  • Bootstrapping
  • Component Interaction
  • Templates
  • Life Cycles Hooks
  • Modules
  • Routing
  • Directives
  • Pipes

Angular 7 Advanced Syllabus Training

  • DEV Tools
  • Dependency Injections
  • Data Binding
  • 3RD Party HTTP Service Integration
  • REDUX Basic
  • Documentation
  • Advanced Routing
  • Change Detection Strategy
  • Advanced Debugging Techniques
  • Coding Best Practices And Clean Code
  • AOT Introduction
  • Deployment to Make it Live (Dist.FOLDER)

What Our Students Say!

"I am Sneha from Pune. I have taken AngularJS training at Training Institute Pune. I have learned basic & advanced topics through in-depth knowledge professional trainer."

"I don’t think even a little bit to pay for this AngularJS training as I am taking up such a knowledge sharing consortium. I strongly recommend this training Institute for every seasoned programmer and architects to boost up career."

"I had overall excellent learning experience with interactive training sessions. I would like to recommend for AngularJS training."

"The course was well structured and covered practical application, implementation as well as best practices."

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AngularJS is an open-source framework that is based on javascript in front end web and managed by the google as well as the corporation plus individual community to spout different difficulties confronted in producing single-page applications.

Students, who have basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript, as well as the Professional Java Developer, can join the angularjs training program pune.

The angularJs take 8 weekends or 2/3 hours every weekend.

Yes! You will be offered 100% Job Assistance after completion of course.

People should give the first preference to TIP because they provide separate batch with limited seats, advance techniques, and live projects to all the candidates. They also give Internship programs to all the students.

After finishing the questioning for AngularJS course you guys can register yourself online or offline. The councilor will provide full guidance in registration.

Yes! TIP arranges a weekend batch with adjustable timing.

Yes! TIP has another branch is Kothrud, Wakad, Shivajinagar, Hadapsar and Pimpri Chinchwad.

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