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What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to advertising product and services, connecting with customers through several online platforms. As compared to digital marketing, traditional marketing is a one-way communication but digital marketing is ever changing, dynamic process. If you promote your business through traditional marketing, then customers cannot interact through billboards or print ads, whereas in digital marketing you and your customers can have continuous interaction through internet. Companies can reach their goals with various digital marketing methods like video content, social media post, content marketing, web, social media advertisements, google ads etc. instead of using traditional marketing strategies like billboards, print ads, television ads.

Use of any online marketing tool is an asset of digital marketing and that are – Your website, video content, images, written content, online tools, reviews, social media pages etc.

The list of digital marketing strategies is always evolving but there are some common and most used strategies by every company and that are –

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO is most used and common digital marketing strategy which has no investment involved when you want to increase online traffic for your business and improve ranking of the website. Here using this technique certain pages and blog post rank organically on SERPs. It requires more skills and technique to get on the front page of google with SEO. This can be time consuming but it has no investment involved.

2) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – SEM is a paid online advertising to increase website visibility which appears on search engine result page and it is a most effective way to grow your business in an increasingly competitive market.

3) Pay – Per – Click (PPC) – PPC is an online advertising method where a business only pays for its ads when a person clicks on that ad.

4) Paid Social Media advertisement – Social media ads allow you to target audience to see your social media post and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter etc. allow users to pay for ads on their sites. Here, this can be the great way to increase visibility of social media platforms and increase in brand awareness.

5) Social Media Marketing – Like SEO even social media is free, organic way to increase your business, promote your product or services using several social media platforms available. To grow organically even it takes time and effort but can be effective method.

6) Content Marketing – Content marketing refers to publishing unique content on various online website and platforms. Here it includes video content, blogs, podcast and audio materials to engage customers online.

7) Affiliate marketing and Native marketing is also a commonly used method in digital marketing.

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Digital Marketing Tools

There are several benefits that you can achieve using digital marketing and that are

  • Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing helps in global reach because the internet is available to customers across the globe, so even you can reach to many customers using several platforms at a time.
  • As compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing has low price tag attached to it. Businesses with low budget or no budget can still promote their product online.
  • In digital marketing, companies can measure their return on investment (ROI) easily.
  • It is easy to target specific demographics of potential customers in digital marketing.
  • There is huge advantage of relationship building with customers and there is an immediate and strong connect with customers.

Tools for Digital Marketing​

Digital Marketing Tools

Who Should Do Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a professional course which equips you with knowledge of various online tools, sites which helps enhance the online presence of business and boost sales.

So let’s have a look on who should do digital marketing?

1) Marketing and PR professionals – Every marketing and PR professionals need to know all skills related to digital marketing. Consumers are completely diverting towards internet, so if you want your company to be on the top of search engine then learning and practicing digital marketing is important.

2) Post graduate students – Many post graduate colleges have already started giving basic knowledge of digital marketing. If students want to make career out of it then they must join professional course of digital marketing.

3) Recent graduates from any field – Any recent graduates have a great opportunity to start working at early age with the help of learning professional digital marketing course.

4) Business owners – Business owners has lot of benefits when they learn digital marketing and start using of various online tools and techniques for their business.

5) Influencers – There are many active users on social media across the globe, so if you want to be a YouTube blogger or social media star then learning digital marketing is the only best option for you to grow on various social media platform.

6) Student who have finished schooling can also learn and practice digital marketing and can make money out of it.

7) Any women who doesn’t want to work for long working hours can learn digital marketing and start their own income.

Opportunities For Digital Marketing

After completing digital marketing course there are many opportunities available for students and professionals from all backgrounds. 

1) There are lot of job opportunities offered by many companies. Here are some top career opportunities for you –

  • Digital marketing manager.
  • Brand manager.
  • Social media manager/ Social media specialist.
  • Online content developer.
  • Search engine optimization specialist.
  • Web designer
  • Mobile marketing specialist.
  • Email marketer.
  • Search expert.
  • PPC or SEM analyst.

2) You can start your own digital marketing agency.

3) Work as freelancer.

4) You can also start a digital marketing training institute.

Why Career in Digital Marketing

In this 21st century, the digital age, everything revolves around internet and there are many active internet users across the globe. Whether it is searching of any information, buying any product or promoting any business, all we do is use of internet at that time. So due to this, there are lot of career opportunities in digital marketing.  

Let’s have a look – Why career in digital marketing.

1) High pay checks – Digital marketing sector is growing fast and every business is now going for online promotions and marketing. Due to this, digital marketers get paid at much higher level

2) Professional growth-  There are lot of things that you can explore in digital marketing. There are various roles here and that is why you can expand yourself as a professional and can gain more experience

3) Be your own boss – Be your own boss by starting your own digital marketing agency or training institute.

4) Explore different industry – You can work as digital marketer in any industry you wanted to work.

5) No specific degree required – Digital marketing is a course where you don’t need any specific degree to join the course or to start your career in digital marketing.

6) Never ending field – Digital marketing is the only field which will grow every year and year but has no end and that is why you have lot of opportunities in the industry to work as start your own income.

How do I Start Career In Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a never ending field. Every day there are lot of updates and we are introduced to new tools and techniques. If you want to start your career in digital marketing, whether it is to get a job or start your own business you need to know everything right from basics to advance of digital marketing.

Here is how you can start your career in digital marketing –

1) Enroll in good digital marketing course – You need to find such institute who has industry expert trainer. An institute who provide you with practical knowledge and who is in this field since a very long time. Learning from one of the best institute will help you grow as an individual and as digital marketer.

2) Gain valuable internship experience – After completing the course, work as an intern and get the experience.

3) Build your portfolio – You need to build your portfolio which includes working experience and your skills.

4) Create a strong online presence – You need to be active on all online platforms and create strong online presence where people notice you on various online platforms.

5) Get your resume noticed and set the right expectations for your first job.

Why Digital Marketing Training with TIP?

To be expert in digital marketing choose TIP. Here are the reasons why digital marketing training with TIP –

1) 50+ modules

2) Industry expert trainers.

3) Makes you google certified digital marketer.

4) 100% Job assistance.


5) Practical training.

6) Interview preparation.

7) Convenient batch timings.

8) Individual focus

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