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10 of the Best App Marketing Strategies

10 of the Best App Marketing Strategies

Mobile applications continue to develop. As smartphones are no longer independent platforms and are embedded into robust mobile strategies, many businesses rethink why they began their mobile development journey.

An application purely for reasons of making it is no longer acceptable. Mobile has recognized the enormous effect and has started to analyze the company as an essential part, but must still reassess the business strategies for the applications.

In the past, most businesses have developed and marketed their application through conventional marketing channels. However, this strategy is no longer successful, now that the smartphone trend has exploded onto a whole new battlefield for businesses to scrap. Instead, the best software companies are willing to place serious money on promoting their apps to bring this mobile app into consumers’ hands.

Why mobile?

Studies reveal that in 2014 and 2015, nearly 200,000 people were using mobile devices who surpassed desktop users.

However, the so-called ‘Year of the smartphone’ is up for discussion significantly because mobile customers have been growing into the main channel customers use for a couple of years to connect to their favorite brands.

Several smartphone experts suggest that instead of defining a year, they should call it the mobile age.  But regardless of what you want to call it, consumers also demand and expect a mobile app to be a crucial point of communication between them and their favorite products. 90% of the time spending on mobile devices is alone with the use of apps.

It is not anything other than a smartphone world where consumers choose to browse and engage with brands. If your mobile phone is not strong, your customers will look to one of your rivals for an intuitive mobile shopping experience.

Mobile marketing obstacles

Even if you are an experienced marketer, you have to note that app marketing is an entirely new ball game with multiple players and rules. How to market their software is a common issue faced by marketers. It includes a new marketing approach. Some unfamiliar channels, targeting problems, download understanding vs. consumers, app store listings, and many more face some of the specific challenges’ marketers face in the mobile app area.

Here are ten app marketing strategies that have proved to help navigate around the world of mobile app marketing.

1. Social Media

If you’re a social media presence, you should be number one on your to-do list if you market your app through these platforms.

2.Promotional Material

If you have been struggling to create a mobile app, be sure to promote it through your business branding and promotional material. It is a no-brainer.


Develop a specific landing page or microsite focusing on your app. There may be a blog, ratings, product videos, and links to relevant app stores.

4.Product Video

An essential product video for some applications is a perfect tool to show and promote Facebook Advertisements and YouTube Clips.

5.App Store Optimisation

When you are in the app store, you can quickly find your application with a fantastic title, suitable keywords, and an enticing icon for prospective customers.

6.Make your App Social

The sharing of apps is an effective way to encourage your users to use the app, and it has also been shown that users are more likely to use the app.

7.Improve Your App

You have to keep up with both challenges and poor customer feedback to ensure word-of-mouth markets stay optimistic. Every application must update.

8.Expert Reviews

Strong online commentator groups in every business field play a big part in your prospective customers. You may depend on the consistency and efficiency of your application to increase your reputation with your target audience with a good post from these people.

9.Make the App Compelling

One of the easiest ways to sustain the buzz of the application is to ensure that people want to use it! The best applications use delicate behavioral tricks to keep consumers committed and loyal, including varying incentives, spin, and habit promotion.

10.TV Advertising

If you have the budget—promoting your mobile app with TV ads can be very effective, particularly when promoted with the competition or limited-time offering. People want to watch TV close with their devices so they can download your app before the ad break is over!

Finally, when you create your mobile marketing strategy, remember how mobile-friendly your company website is. Although mobile applications have a richer and more detailed mobile experience, your site can provide your users with ‘app-like,’ which will allow them to use finger-friendly buttons and menus to access your services and products.

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