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Importance Of MVC in the Globalize World Of Software Industry

Importance Of MVC in the Globalize World Of Software Industry

The world of internet is ever changing. So many applications and architectural patterns are coming into existence that it becomes imperative for the IT professional to constantly upgrade his knowledge. If you don’t keep yourself abreast of the latest technologies and skills, you will lose out in the long race. Hence it becomes vital to keep tab on the changing scenario in the IT field.

The growing demand for MVC training

MVC training is the new buzzword. More and more IT professionals are getting enrolled in this course to get acquainted with this architectural pattern. But, before you go ahead and get registered you need to know, why it is so important. The MVC is an architectural pattern which is not related to web application. Do not get confused between the two. On the contrary, MVC is used mostly in Smalltalk applications that have got nothing to do with web applications.

What is MVC?

The MVC pattern is a design pattern. Although there is difference of opinion regarding the definition of the pattern, yet there are some fundamental ideas. This pattern has three main areas:

  • Model – it is responsible for the business domain state knowledge
  • View- it deal with the presentation view of the domain
  • Controller – it controls the flow and state of the user input.

Why MVC training?

With the help of the MVC pattern, the developer can notify the change in event notification when there is a change in the model pattern. As a developer, you must be aware that the web application remains in a stateless connection and hence the notification from the model does not happen immediately. It takes time. Yes, it is true that you can use a push notification option to inform the client of any changes, but that puts unnecessary pressure on the web application. When the user closes the browser, no notification will be sent over to the server. A great deal of backend work is required to manage clients, especially from the server side. In case of B2B or B2C web applications, this is however not required. With MVC Training in Pune, you will be taught in detail about these aspects.

Additional aspects of MVC training

When you opt for MVC Training in Pune, you will learn that the client can send a request to the server to find out about the changes in the model. But, this is possible in case of standard web applications. This procedure is termed as “pull approach”. For example, you are checking out a product in an online store. You saw the price mentioned and decided to buy it. If in the same time, the administrator decides to change the price, you will not get the latest update, unless you refresh the page.

The MVC Model

When you are undergoing the MVC Training in Pune, you will learn that the type of the application architecture determines which MVC model pattern will be used. In case of two-tier applications, the model classes are mainly a set of Java objects. These objects can be either drawn manually from ResultSet or can be ORM based framework like CocoBase and TopLink. In case of a complex enterprise application, the model pattern is mostly Enterprise JavaBeans.

The MVC View

MVC view can be done with HTML and JSP. However, these two are not the end all. MVC view can support WML (Wireless Markup Language) instead of HTML. As the view is decoupled from the model, one can opt for multiple views using the same model pattern for different clients. In the MVC Training in Pune you will learn that while HTM serves static pages, with JSP, you can check out both static and dynamic pages.

The MVC Controller

The MVC controller is a Java servlet which performs the following duties:

  • Helps to intercept HTTP request from the client
  • Helps to translate each request to a specific operation
  • Either invokes or delegates the business operation
  • Selects the next display view to the client
  • Returns the view to the client

Get enrolled today

When you check out the institutes that offer MVC Training in Pune make sure that they are certified to carry out the training. Find out whether they will provide certification at the end of the training. Without the certification, this course has no value. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get enrolled today.

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