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Overview of All New Features of Angular 7

Overview of All New Features of Angular 7

Advancements are very common when it comes to the online world. And one such framework that has taken a new plunge is Angular. Tagged as one of the most popular frameworks for the web application, Angular has opened a new chapter with the release of Angular 7. Angular 7 supposedly is equipped with some powerful features, new tools to enhance the overall performance. Many Angular JS Training Institutes in Pune have also embraced these new additions. So, without wasting any moment, let’s explore the amazing new features of Angular 7.

  1. CLI Prompts
  2. Drag and drop
  3. Virtual scrolling
  4. Improvement in the application’s process
  5. Enhanced documentation
  6. Dependency Successfully Updated
  7. No Ivy in the pipeline

With the new brand Angular 7, there have been new updates in the CLI prompts too. Now, while using the CLI prompt the users will be able to discover in-built SCSS support, routing and much more. And this is possible while typing common commands like ng-new, @angular/material, or even ng-add. Moreover, with Angular 7, it is possible to create new projects with the help of Bundle Budgets in CLI. With features like these, it is becoming requisite to include this aspect in the Best Angular JS training in Pune.Now you can easily reorder the list, transfer items between the list, custom drag handles with the help of drag and drop support. The drag and drop module help you in creating drag-and-drop interfaces. And for this, you can remain amid the Angular Material module and implement drag and drop support. Also, if you don’t like the standard drag animation, then you can override.The loading and unloading of items are now easy with the new Virtual Scrolling in Angular 7. This feature helps loading/unloading items from the DOM which primarily depends on the visible items on the lists. With this, users who have a huge list for scrolling, experience faster experience. This package is a blessing for users who respond to all scroll events.Firstly, Angular 7 is much faster and efficient than other versions. Moreover, with Angular, you not only make a smaller framework but you can also make smaller apps. And this is possible with a small rectification in the production phase. Google’s development team always emphasizes on boosting the performance. And so, while surveying they realized that most of the developers use reflect-metadata polyfill during production. Besides, it is required in the development phase. Thus, to rectify this mistake, version 7 automatically removes this; that too automatically. Alongside, for performance, the user gets notified whenever the app crosses the mark of ‘said size limit’.The successful team behind Angular has worked relentlessly in enhancing the guidelines and reference resources. With this, they aim to serve the developers better by finding solutions easily and efficiently. Most importantly, the documentation updates for Angular is a stepping stone for the Angular CLI. And so, best Angular JS training in Pune is becoming requisite in today’s competitive times.Along with documentation updates, the dependencies have also been upgraded especially on the third-party projects. This upgrade includes the support of RxJS 6.3, Node 10, and TypeScript 3.1.According to official information, there will be no Ivy rendering in the Angular 7. Ivy remains in the pipeline. Thus, the AngularJS development company’s team remain tightly lipped about its timeline too! So, these are some of the features of Angular 7, thus making it popular amongst the Angular JS Training Institute in Pune. So, if you are looking forward to a course in Angular 7, then you will be learning all these elements mentioned above!

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