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Software Testing Training Institute Pune

Software Testing Training Institute Pune

Everyone has a dream to land in IT industry considering the work environment, a presence of Multinational companies, career growth opportunities and excellent pay. But, not everyone is interested in core programming jobs, considering the hectic work schedule, in-depth expertise etc. They usually choose non-developmental fields such as IT support, database management etc. One such category is software testing. Let us look at this course, its career opportunities and training institutes.

What is it all about?

Software testing is the evaluation of the software. In the cycle of software development, software testers manually check different functionalities of the developed software. During this process, they can identify possible bugs, improvements etc. With respect to testers’ feedback, again core development team work on the software and remove the bug and make the required improvements. The basic idea behind is, practically there is no software without bugs and software testing can only minimize them.

Though it is treated as a non-developmental job, still the programming knowledge is essential in order effectively test the software. Software testing training institutes in Pune knows these essential factors and train their candidates efficiently. In reality, software testers are working as support people for core development team. There are of two types of software testing, which are automated testing and manual testing. Most testers use both the forms of testing, considering the depth of the accuracy required. Software testing is all about, a list of rules and procedures followed to make the developed software with industry standard quality and execute what the end user wanted without any error.

Career Opportunities

It is a must that all the software development teams have dedicated testers. The ratio of software testers required with respect to developers may vary depending on projects. But there are many projects that required 1:1 ratio of software testers to developers. This gives a clue about the significance of this job and how importantly companies are approaching software testing. The average salary of a software tester is 3.1 lakhs/annum in the entry level and it is almost on par with developers. Also, this career has excellent growth opportunities. A software tester with hands on experience can move on the ladder and become a Test Lead and a few years and expertise may move him further up as Quality Assurance Manager. Hence, training from software testing training institutes in Pune is very significant.

There are few evolving trends happening in the sector and this profession is getting more diversified. A recent report from TechNavio, a US-based market research firm showed that one such trend, cloud infrastructure testing alone would be worth $430 million by 2020.

Training Institute

There are many software testing training institutes in Pune. Considering there is a huge requirement for software testers by the IT companies in Pune, each training institutes try to garner the job aspirants. Since there is no dedicated syllabus and no regulator to overlook the training, it is imperative to join the right institute, to get quality training and placement opportunities. The training institute should be up-to-date, as the industry is transforming and shaping day by day. Software testing training institutes in Pune could also be easily accessible ones for the job aspirants in Pune.

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