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Top 5 New Updates Of Digital Marketing That Can Make Or Break Your Company

Top 5 New Updates Of Digital Marketing That Can Make Or Break Your Company

Digital Marketing is the key area that no business can ignore. If you have not used digital marketing so far, then there is a lot of catching up to do. And with hardly any extra time at your side, you have to opt for a service provider who knows digital marketing like the back of his hand. Before you hire a digital marketer, it is better if you up breast yourself about the latest updates in this field. At least, you will know whether you are taken for a ride or not by the service provider you have hired.

What are the New Updates of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is an ever changing and ever growing field. Changes are being incorporated almost every alternated day. The technique that rules the roost last week may be put out of the race by a new technology that has gone viral. Hence, it becomes extremely vital to be aware of the New Updates of Digital Marketing.

  • Digital Marketing and the growing correspondence between e-commerce and SEO: Search engines are facing a serious threat from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. With more and more buyers, checking Facebook updates and tweets for product purchase, Search Engine ranking will soon lose out its essence. Facebook Live allows the company to interact with customers directly. It is easier to build brand recognition. Companies are informing about new product launch, new discounts through their social media pages. Hence, it becomes important that if you were depending merely on SEO and your e-commerce site to generate sales, you have to rethink your strategies once again.
  • Influencer marketing: when a well-known, mass influencing person speaks about using your company’s products, brand recognition and product sales increases automatically. Hence, one of the New Updates of Digital Marketing is to get a popular influencer to speak about the services rendered and products offered by your company. In today’s scenario, buyers connect more with influencers than mere SEO or press release. Imagine a youth icon vouching for the quality of the product. It immediately creates a ripple effect on the buyers, who on their own will promote your company and products through free mouth to mouth publicity.
  • Content marketing: no matter how many New Updates of Digital Marketing takes place, nothing can overtake content marketing. The right use of words helps to create a resonance amongst buyers that even images cannot do. And when that material is marketed through digital marketing, the impact increases manifold. Instead of viewing video of 2 minutes, buyers still prefer to read crisp content that is highly informative.
  • Content re-marketing: this is quite an interesting New Updates of Digital Marketing. Experts are of the opinion that it is wise to re-market an already popular content than writing a fresh one. When a favorite old content is re-promoted, it gives rise to a sense of nostalgia. Buyers tend to connect more. They feel that they have grown with the brand and starts looking for the feeling of oneness with the product. However, you need to hire professional people to do it. Instead of re-posting the content, you can re-promote it as an infographic or a video with multiple slides. There are so many things that can be done successfully.
  • Video content is the way to be: with YouTube here to stay: video content gives the leverage that any other means of digital marketing can. Video helps to connect better with clients. Want to convey a message or share the latest news? Use video content. Video marketing is one of the most popular New Updates of Digital Marketing.

Make the most of these trends

If you wish to stay in the game and make your presence felt, there is no option but to utilize these trends. Call for a meeting, discuss with your digital marketing team. Find out what they have got to say. Find out how you can make a strategy that will incorporate all these latest updates. To get the desired result, it is best to take advantage of each of these trends. You never know what your competitor is up to. Hence, it is better to be on the safe side. However, if your digital marketing team is sure that they can the presence felt by using any two or three of these trends then it is better to concentrate on those areas rather than going for all the trends and messing it up.

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