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Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

Digital marketing has become an essential tool for reputing any brand in less time. It is considered as the most efficient and convenient technique in today’s era if you want to reach your potential customers and grow your business across the globe. New digital marketing trends, strategies, and platforms are spreading in this time and a huge number of consumers are engaging brands on various different channels that even didn’t exist ever before.

2017 enters it’s final phase, it’s the perfect time to look ahead and predict the Digital Marketing trends of 2018. There are a clear number of industry trends that have exploded onto the scene this year. Trends that are bound to flourish further into 2018.

Why Should Businesses opt new Digital Marketing Trends?

digital marketing strategies

New Internet Marketing trends are responsible for this digital evolution today. Traditional modes of communication have become worn out and are converted to dynamic real-time communication. In fact, the traditional business relationship among customer and company has changed now due to the arrival of new marketing strategies which not only saves time and efforts but caters to efficiency in output too.

New marketing trends have grown the businesses in 2017 and planning to achieve new marketing goals in 2018. Moreover, Digital marketing is now a customer-focused approach. All marketing activities are customer centric which give a push to factors such as client focused user experience, digital automation, analytical intelligence etc.

In this blog, we have listed out top digital marketing trends that you need to integrate into your 2018 marketing plan.

 Smart Content Marketing

Content marketing is all which can change the game of any marketing in future. Quality content is what which is preferred and prepared after understanding the needs of your potential customers. For this, the smart content approach is used by various marketers nowadays. Content marketing professionals used to add personalization elements in their content in order to drive better performance. Moreover, customer-centric content is prepared by them to fulfill the needs of their customers.

Big Data Integration

Big Data

A professional internet marketer understands well the exact customer behavior if they have right data with them. In fact, associating data with the right tools has become a vital need of this year where real-time responses are provided to clients whenever it is required.

Big data has its great importance on various digital marketing cultures viz. native marketing, segment marketing etc. and further its implementation into current marketing strategies is quite complex. However, big data marketing applications include predictive analytics, market and customer insights.

Concept of Micro-Moments

The concept of micro-moments involves providing right and reliable data at correct time to its customers whenever they needed it. Only well-known brands can do this successfully as they have the tendency to provide information correctly and address the exact micro-moment needs of their customers. It is an effective, quick and one-touch access to the needed information.
Moreover, Micro-moment concept has powered the shift to mobile phones. With this, customers expect reliable information instead of time and location. The brands that do the best job of addressing our needs in each moment will win. Here’s how you can create the best micro-moments:
1. Make a “moments map”
2. Understand customer needs in the moment
3. Measure every moment that matters
4. A/B testing

 In-Store Marketing Campaigns

In-Store Marketing campaigns

To run a successful in-store marketing campaign, it requires a team of talented and experience staff which must carry a skill-set of analytics, brick-and-mortar promotions, mobile, classic marketing and location technology. In fact, In-store analytics helps in measuring the performance of marketing campaigns and other activities analyzed real time. This allows marketers to make better decisions for their business growth.

Invest in Social Marketing

Invest in Social Marketing

It is worth dealing if you invest in social marketing to promote your brand. Social media platform is the one which takes information from you and reveals this information among thousands of people in few seconds. Facebook’s News Feed is such an example which is adopted by almost every business today for generating a good revenue.

Video Marketing for Better Visualization

A video is a key element in the video marketing. Whether it is a simple ad, top commercial regarding anything or any other informative thing, videos if embedded into this would surely attract most of the people and provide visually rich, interactive content to them in order to convey their message. As a result, the audience takes considerable action towards it and further like it or post it or share it by making use of various social channels viz. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc. The high-quality content video is the demand of future now.

Improved SEO

According to industry experts, “adding a video to your website can increase the chance of a front page Google result by 53 times”. This is definitely something to think about.

Higher Engagement

It clear that video has become a major player when it comes to manage engagement. According to the Content Marketing Institute, audiences are around “10 times more likely to engage, embed, share, and comment on video content than blogs or related social posts”. This is because video speaks one, universal language, meaning you’re able to connect with many audiences right across the globe.

Higher Retention Rates

According to Brainshark, 65% of video viewers watch more than ¾ of a video, which is more than we can say about text based content. Want to get an important message across or convey brand image, then choose video.

Room to Explore

When it comes to social media and video, there are so many different types of video you can experiment with. You can use them to shoot tutorials, perform a recipe, movie trailers, show news updates and even tell your brand story.

Increased Accessibility
While creating a video used to take many months and potentially thousands of pounds, the production of good video content has become much more affordable in the last few years. Nowadays, you can use everything from your smart phones to a high-end DSLR to capture high-quality visuals. Getting in on the video game is for everyone.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a great tool in marketing which automates all marketing activities easily. It mainly includes behavioral Email marketing, CRM, and web personalization. It allows marketers to use their time and efforts in an efficient way to get potential customers and for lead generation. Moreover, it combines your marketing effort across all channels from direct mail to social initiatives.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Transforming potential customers into strong influencers always seems challenging to marketers. The only way to prevent good influencers is to offering good solutions to your customers that truly understands and solves their problems. This would surely make them more loyal brand. To get benefits from your influencers, first, benefit them and fulfill all their needs.

Voice Search and Digital Assistants

New voice-enabled devices such as the Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant have been a breakout hit with consumers in 2017 and trending products on Amazon. It’s clearly set to grow and expand even more to become one of the biggest Digital Marketing trends of 2018. Voice search affects SEO and incorporating voice command into our websites and also increasing the amount of quality, conversational style content are imperatives.

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