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Artificial Intelligence is a one of the branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines where the machine is capable of performing several tasks that typically required human intelligence. AI has introduced such technology that a machine can think, interact and also execute several activities just like human beings. Now AI can do several things at a time which includes in doing extremely technical and specialized activities, automation, speech, visual recognition, language processing and solving multiple problems. AI is now developed and used in several fields and which is ever expanding and growing field.

Today, everyone, every business relies on artificial intelligence as it provides several benefits to business. As it provides efficiency and productivity gain, improve speed of business, new capabilities and business model expansion, better customer service, better quality and reduction of human error, better talent management etc.

AI is now used in digital marketing as well because every data and information is better understood and analyze by AI as compared to all human intelligence. Previously digital marketers were hesitant to use AI, but now with the advancement of AI and its achievement now it is used in your daily work routine and they use AI to save resource and time.

Here are some ways how you can incorporate artificial intelligence in your digital marketing strategy.

  • Use of chatbots – Chatbots are now required to every business/website as chatbots is a software program where humans can chat/discuss using AI to find a solution or to get some information related to that business. The benefit of chatbots is, client can be served 24*7 and their data can be saved for future use. Chatbots is a successful strategy to provide best customer support which help in increasing customer loyalty and in business growth. Chatbots also help customer to know more about any of their product/services which they are looking for.
  • Email marketing – AI will help digital marketers to customize the email campaign which benefits their SEO marketing services and depending upon user’s behavior and searching patterns it allows them to send the customize email in response to their online activities. AI benefits you to reach your target audience and send relevant emails to your customers. Keeping them engage with your business can be beneficial to business and increase in sales and customer loyalty.
  • Creating content – AI is also used for creating content. Content is an important part of digital marketing because it has ability to create positive experiences from your customers and also to gain audience attention. It takes times, but AI makes it easy. AI creates content from scratch based on data fed to them which is very helpful in saving time and resources.
  • Web designing – With the help of AI now you can create a website through use of grid and you don’t need a programmer or a designer. AI will create a professional website once you provide some information like image, text, call of action etc. and website is created in no time. 
  • Online searches – Search pattern has completely changed these days, so marketers need to change content accordingly. AI is now so advanced that you can search for particular information just by your voice command.

To conclude, Artificial intelligence will definitely help you in your digital marketing strategy and has embedded within our technology and day to day lives which benefits to optimize consumer experience, boost brand loyalty, increase in revenue. So every digital marketer should modify themselves and should use all AI trends for their business

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