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Content Marketing Predictions to Witness In 2019 And Beyond

Content Marketing Predictions to Witness In 2019 And Beyond

Digital marketing is a canvas that continuously evolves at an exhilarating rate. And with each passing year, there are some new trends and predictions that pave the way in the most successful way. One such field that is open for new avenues to sweep it is content marketing. The reason being its humungous popularity which is furthermore proved by a study that said that by 2021, the content marketing industry would be worth more than $400 billion. So, let’s unravel some of the trends and prediction to foresee in 2019. 

  • A Strategy but Not Marketing Anymore Content marketing is a broad concept and its beyond creating quality content, sharing content, generating leads, engaging audiences, etc. Similarly, companies are making use of quality content for creating brand awareness and to earn revenue proficiently. But all these tasks need a way to shape up and that’s when content strategy steps in. Content Strategy is going to play a pivotal role in 2019, wherein visual content and video will witness a leap. As content marketing matures, entrepreneurs will see it has a tool to achieve their business goals which will be furthermore channelized with content strategy.
  • Preference to Product Focused Content than Awareness Content Understanding your consumer is immensely important and while generating content you have to consider his/her journey. Amidst this, ‘awareness’ stage is the top-most in the funnel and a stepping stone to entice your consumer. But in 2019, this funnel is going to witness a change wherein companies will be targeting a niche audience by churning product-focused content. With this, one can reach to consumers who are truly interested in the product making it a cost-effective affair. Also, it is workable, time-consuming and embarks on a genuine relationship with the consumers.
  • Great Content-Length Great Results It has been observed that longer content receive great rankings in the SEO regime. Though this topic remains debatable many experts believe so and it is going to play a key role in 2019. Long content creates brand awareness and helps in engaging an audience on social media. Along with earning backlinks, long content helps in establishing long-term SEO value. Though a landmark in content marketing, adding words is not going to help because it has to be complemented with mistake-free, original and quality copy.
  • Blend of Content Marketing and Artificial Intelligence With artificial intelligence (AI) our machines are becoming smarter and its role in content marketing is definitely going to turn out fruitful. With AI by our side, tasks of discovering keywords, hunting for topics for blogging, writing, optimizing, planning, etc., will be perfectly handled. Already people are getting customized with AI – thanks to chatbots like Siri and Alexa but they’ll be more familiarity. Also, voice-search and virtual reality applications will also pave the way to waive off manual work and to simplify tasks.

Well, these are some of our predictions of content marketing for the year 2019. But we will be obliged to hear some more inputs from you. So, feel free to share your insights in the comments below!

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